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Alto Saxophone and Piano


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Archer, Violet, Sonata for alto saxophone and piano, 1972

Armstrong, Lucy, The Singing Fish, 2016

Audain, Yvette, Grooves Unspoken, 2009

Bachratá, Petra, Winter afternoon, 2014

Barraine, Elsa, Crepuscules

Barraine, Elsa, Andante et Allegro

Barraine, Elsa, Improvisation,1947

Beach, Amy, Romance for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Bernofsky, Lauren, Fantasy, 1992

Bloomer Deussen, Nancy, Highbridge Recollections for alto saxophone and piano, 2016

Bond, Victoria, Notes from Underground, 1985

Botti, Susan, Propulsion, 2018

Boyd, Stephanie Ann, Amare, 2016

Brandman, Margaret, When Spirits Soar

Bray, Charlotte, Circling Point, 2014

Carlson, Rosalind, Australian Bush Calls, 2006

Chang, Dorothy, Two Preludes, 1993

Chang, Dorothy, New Stories, 2013

Clearfield, Andrea, Romanza, 2013


Cruz, Violeta, Tanahora, 2011

Decruck, Fernande, 8 Pieces Francaises,1943

Decruck, Fernande, Sonata in C#, 1944

Ensign, Christina, Sonata, 2018

Etezady, Roshanne, Elegy, 2005

Fournier, Marie-Hélène, Le Fusain fuit la gomme, 1999

Ortiz, Gabriela, Mambo Ninon

Garrop, Stacy, Fragmented Spirit, 1998

Garrop, Stacy, Tantrum, 2000

Garrop, Stacy, Pieces of Sanity, 2007

Gotkovsky, Ida, Brilliance, 1974

Gotkovsky, Ida, Concerto, 1966

Gotkovsky, Ida, Variations Pathetiques, 1983

Guzzo, Anne M., Seeking Ithaca, 2007

Hall, Helen, Reflection, 1982

Hall, Juliana, Orpheus Singing, 2010

Handel, Amanda, Mockidaij, 1989

Handel, Amanda, Blinding moon, 1989

Haugen, Linda Tutas, Three Portraits, 1987

Heinkel, Peggy, Concertino

Higdon, Jennifer, Sonata, 1990

Hofmann, Dorothea, Ikarus, 2011

Hogan, Leslie, Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano, 2000

Hogan, Leslie, Spin Cycle, 1992

Holland, Dulcie, Sax-happy, 1996

Holland, Dulcie, Musette and gigue, 1950

Holland, Dulcie, Shy one, 1956

Holland, Dulcie, Swan song, 1995

Holland, Dulcie, Sonata, 1954

Holland, Dulcie, Grey days, 1996

Hyde, Miriam, Scherzetto, 1957

Jacobsen, Sonia, In Anticipation, 2002

Kolb, Barbara, Related Characters, 1980

Kuster, Kristin, Jellyfish, 2004(premiere)

Lacaze, Sophie, Quatre haikus, 2008

Laitman, Lori, Journey

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