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Saxophone Quartet

If you find an error, or would like to include a work that is not currently here, please share any edits or additions through the contact form. This resource is continually evolving, so your feedback and corrections are always welcome.  

Abondano, Michele, Gab, 2011, SATB

Alberga, Eleanor, Glinting, Glancing Shards, 1997, SATB

Amy Beach, arr Radtke, Quartet for Strings, Op. 89, 1929, SATB

Ansink, Caroline, Waves, 1991, SATB

Ansink, Caroline, Con zelo, 1999, SATB

Ansink, Caroline, Pieces, SATB

Archer, Violet, Divertimento for Saxophone Quartet, 1979, SATB

Arias, Helga, Milk spilled on a stone, 2017

Armstrong, Lucy, Jolt, 2013, SATB

Armstrong, Lucy, Same but Different, 2015/2016, SATB

Audain, Yvette, bulletproof petals, 2006, SATB

Audain, Yvette, A Charleston Kick With Steel Caps, 2011, SATB or AAAA

Bacon, Alexis, Capriccio, 2016, SATB

Barroff, Edith, Two Pieces From Old Rag Bag, 1989, AATB or SATB

Beamish, Sally, Opus California, 2009, SATB

Beamish, Sally, Slow Movement, 2005, saxophone quartet and baroque strings

Bielawa, Lisa, Double Duet, 2010

Black, Annesley, Miniature, 2005

Black, Annesley, not thinking about the elephants, 2018, saxophone quartet and live electronics

Bloomer Deussen, Nancy, Suite for Ingrid, 2011, piccolo and saxophone quartet

Bloomer Deussen, Nancy, A Day in the City, 2014

Bond, Victoria, White on Black, 1983, saxophone quartet and concert band

Borisova-Ollas, Victoria, Keter, 2003

Borisova-Ollas, Victoria, Roosters in Love, 2003

Borisova-Ollas, Victoria, In a World Unspoken, 2005, saxophone quartet and organ

Bouchard, Linda, Phare Far, 2014, saxophone quartet and electronics

Brandman, Margaret, Saxophone Quartet

Bray, Charlotte, Throw Back, 2008

Bray, Charlotte, Voyage, 2017

Brenet, Thérèse, Gémeaux, 1988, two saxophone quartets

Brenet, Thérèse, Tétrapyle, 1979, SATB

Brown, Becky, some favored gem, 2018, saxophone quartet and fixed media

Buchanan, Dorothy, Owed to R, 2005, SATB 

Burgess, Nadia, Herman's Hut, 2005

Busch, Erin, two winter scenes for saxophone quartet, 2018

Carignan, Nicole, Ouverture, 1994

Carlé, Emma, Each of Two, 2002, saxophone quartet and chromatic gamelan

Castelló, Angélica, Palomilla, 2009, saxophone quartet and 10 portable casette players

Chang, Dorothy, Obsess, 2003, SATB

Cheah, Victoria, and yes i said yes, 2007

Cheah, Victoria, Tell: Quartet, 2016

Chiayu, Hsu, Contrast, 1999, saxophone quartet

Clearfield, Andrea, Fantasy for Sax Quartet, 1997, SATB

Clearfield, Andrea, Sax Trax, 1997, SATB

Cruz, Violeta, El pudor de lo falsificado


Decruck, Fernande, Pavane, SATB

Dinescu, Violeta, GLINT, 2016, SATB

Dinescu, Violeta, Nakris, 1985

Douglas, Melissa, Drei Miniaturen,1982

Etezady, Roshanne, Inkling, 2011, SATB

Etezady, Roshanne, Keen, 2004, SATB

Fang, Mandy, Dream of a Hundred Flowers, 2011, saxophone quartet and four Chinese instruments

Fournier, Marie-Hélène, Contact (la clé),1992, saxophone quartet and choir with equal voices

Fulton, Ruby, Skeleton, 2009, opera with saxophone quartet

Gardner, Alexandra, Tides, 2019, SATB

Garrop, Stacy, Flight of Icarus, 2012, SATB

Garrop, Stacy, Hell Hath No Fury, 2018, SATB

Gosfield, Annie, Brawl,1998 

Gotkovsky, Ida, Quatour de Saxophones, 1983, SATB

Graves, Sarah Grace, Yttrium (for Kenari Quartet), 2017

Greene, Joni, T'China Lema'an Haifa, 2006, SATB

Gubaidulina, Sofia, In Erwartung, 1994, saxophone quartet and percussion ensemble

Guzzo, Anne M., Life in the Leaves, 2018

Heinkel, Peggy, Chregalis, SATB

Herman, Marilyn, Tizita for Aklilu, SATB saxophone quartet, harp and electric keyboard

Higdon, Jennifer, Bop, 2004, SATB

Higdon, Jennifer, Short Stories,1996, SATB/SSTT

Hoffman, Laura, Not everyone agrees, 1995, SATB

Hofmann, Dorothea, Die Monde des Galilei, 2009

Hofmann, Dorothea, Tallis-Fragment, 2011

Hoover, Katherine, Suite for Saxophone Quartet, SATB

Hutchings, Sarah, Cerulean Sand, 2008

Isaksson, Madeleine, Andelek, 1997, saxophone quartet, sopranino, 2 sopranos, baritone saxophone

Joly, Suzanne, Sequences, 1972

Kahler, Elyse, Five Thoughts for Saxophone Quartet, 2010

Karpman, Laura, Take 4, 2008

Kerzner, Ann Lathan, Rush Hour, 2001, SATB

Kieffer, Olivia, Hot Work, 2015

Kieffer, Olivia, Pop Rock in Metal, 2018

Koh, Emily, homonym, 2013

Koh, Emily, heteronym/, 2016

Koh, Emily, cryptonym:, 2018

Kuster, Kristin, Breath Beneath, 2004(premiere), SATB

Lacaze, Sophie, Calligrammes, 2010, solo baritone saxophone, saxophone quartet, and choir

Lacaze, Sophie, Tishyuan, 2013

Lacaze, Sophie, Jesous ahatonhia, 2013

Lann, Vanessa, Towards the Center of Indigo,1996

Larsen, Libby, And Another Thing

Larsen, Libby, Confluence

Larsen, Libby, Wait a Minute

Lefanu, Nicola, Moon Over Western Ridge, Mootwingee: Quartet for Saxophones, 1985

Lejet, Edith, Quatuor de Saxophones, 1974, SATB

Lejet, Edith, Aube Marine,1982, SATB

Li, Xinyan, Voice of Dong, 2011

Li, Yinyan, Nahxa, 2004

Liba, Noemi, Cardiac, 2016

Likhuta, Catherine, Hard to Argue, 2015

Livengood, Kerrith, Soul Searching, 2016, AATB

Love, Karlin, Over the Top, 1998

Mallonee, Caroline, Hammering Away (at the great unknown), 2005

McKay, Dosia, Invasion of Clowns, 2006, SATB

Meadors, Anna, hopes to be, 2016, SATB

Meadors, Anna, Motor and Soul, 2014, SATB

Meadors, Anna, We Were There All Along, 2013, SATB

Merivale, Fiona, Kenopsia, 2016, SATB

Moller, Natalie, Phantoms 2013, SATB

Munn, Zae, Hanging Onto the Vine, 2012

Murdock, Katherine Ann, Deja Vu, SATB

Nielson Price, Deon, Villanelle for Saxophone Quartet, 2009, AATB

Nielson Price, Deon, Lullaby for Saxophone Quartet, 2009, AATB

Nielson Price, Deon, Meditation for Saxophone Quartet, 2009, AATB

Nielson Price, Deon, Persuasion for Saxophone Quartet, 2009, AATB

Nielson Price, Deon, Sketchbook Gems for Saxophone Quartet, 2016, SATB

O'Halloran, Emma, Night Music, SATB

Oliveros, Pauline, Saxual Orientation, 1997, SATB

Pang, Yan, The Hard Road, 2015

Pankhurst, Lucy, Borealis (Into Blue), saxophone quartet and string ensemble

Peacocke, Gemma, Dwalm, 2018, SATB

Peacocke, Gemma, Hazel, 2022

Reed Thomas, Augusta, Squezze, 2007, SSAT

Robert, Lucie, Maghia, SATB with piano

Rogers, Erin, Mother Earth, flute, saxophone quartet, and electronics

Rogers, Erin, Urban Composites, SATB

Rogers, Erin, Duluth, SATB

Rudman, Jessica, Searching for Yesterday, 2004

Rueff, Jeanine, Quatuor, 1962, SATB

Sampson, Jamie, Leightrans•noesis, 2014

San Martin, Laurie, Three Miniatures, 2011

Seeholzer, Julia, Salinon, 2014

Shrude, Marilyn, Evolution V for solo alto saxophone and saxophone quartet, 1976, SATB

Shrude, Marilyn, Masks, 1982, SATB

Shrude, Marilyn, Quartet for Saxophones, SATB

Shrude, Marilyn energy flows nervously... in search of stillnesss, SATB

Socolofsky, Annika, Bulgarity, 2013, SATB

Svanoe, Erika, Mary Shelly Meets Frankenstein, 2014, SATB

Tallon, Tina,corpus, fractum, 2013, SATB

Tann, Hilary, Some of the Silence, SATB

Thompson, Barbara, Quartet No. 1, SATB

Thompson, Barbara, Quartet No. 2: From Darkness Into Light, SATB 

Thompson, Barbara, Quartet No. 3: Body Language, SATB

Thompson, Barbara, The Apollo Concerto No. 1, saxophone quartet and string orchestra

Thompson, Barbara, Mirages, Concerto No. 2, saxophone quartet and string orchestra

Tsoupaki, Calliope, Music for Saxophones, 1989, SATB

Vandervelde, Janika, Saxworks, 1986

Vehar, Persis, Promenade and Cakewalk, SATB

Vehar, Persis, Sonata for Saxophone Quartet, SATB

Wagner, Kaitlyn, Quartet (Saxophone Miniature), 2013, SATB

Warren, Ann, Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, 2018, saxophone quartet (SATB) and triangle

Washington, Shelley, So he Ran Towards the Mountain, 2016

Watson, Jenni, Tinged, SATB

Weaver, Carol Ann, Durban Durban, 2000, saxophone quartet, piano, bass, drums

Weaver, Carol Ann, Follow the Cheetah, 2000, saxophone quartet, piano , bass, drums

Whelan, Rachel, Behind a Mask, 2016, SATB

Wolfe, Julia, Cha, SATB

Yen, Ming-Hsiu, Chinatown, 2008, saxophone quartet, yangqin, pipa, percussion

Yen, Ming-Hsiu, Elegy, 2005/2006, SATB

Yi, Chen, Feng II (Introduction and Rondo), 1999, solo soprano saxophone, saxophone quartet, and piano

Yi, Chen, Septet, 2009, ergu, pipa, percussion and saxophone quartet

Yi, Chen, Not Alone & Happy Birthday to Prism, 2017

Yi, Chen, Ba Yin (The Eight Sounds), saxophone quartet and string orchestra

Zajac, Elaine, Five Miniatures, SATB

Zechlin, Ruth, 7 attempts and 1 result, 1986

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